Furniture – 12 Months (From Date of Delivery)
Lighting – 12 Months (From Date of Delivery)
Rugs – 24 Months (From Date of Delivery)

Subject to the FREE MAN terms and conditions, FREE MAN Store Pty ltd ACN 645 099 047 (FREE MAN) agrees to, at its option, repair, replace or provide credit to the original purchaser (Purchaser, You) for the item of furniture (Goods) to which this warranty is attached or applies for the period set out in the ‘Goods Warranty table’ below against defective materials and/or defective workmanship resulting in the Goods not performing in accordance with their specifications (Warranty).

The Warranty outlined below is exclusive to FREE MAN Pty Ltd standard products. Any customisation to a FREE MAN product or a bespoke custom furniture, lighting, rug, or accessory does not fall under our standard warranty and the warranty is voided due to this being a made-to-order exclusive one-off piece to which has not been prototyped and checked under the same protocols Blainey North Collection standard pieces.

Commercial Use: Please note all FREE MAN products and custom designed products have been designed for low/medium residential use whereby these are highly delicate thus damages incurred on commercial projects / general wear and tear will not be covered by the FREE MAN standard warranty and the repairs/replacements will be charged at the discretion of BNC.



Leather has several natural characteristics which should be considered as qualities and not defects. These include streaks, contrasting shades and slight imperfections in the grain. Other characteristics such as the leather’s vulnerability to scratching, the colour solidity and the lightening that may occur in the major traction points are part of the beauty of leather being a natural product. To care for your leather, do not place it in direct sunlight and ensure a minimum of 80cm between leather and heating source. Avoid contact of leather with sharp objects. Avoid using harsh chemicals and/or cleaners that are oil or solvent based. Only clean leather with approved upholstery leather cleaners in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We can recommend upon request.




Fabrics need to be treated with care and we recommend scotch guarding upholstery to reduce the damage of spillages. If the fabric does get marked, then it should be dry cleaned only with the symbol by a reputable dry cleaner. Avoid contact of fabrics with sharp objects and liquids. Ensure a minimum of 80cm between furniture and heating source. Fabrics may fade if placed in direct sunlight and slight colour variations may occur due to the dying process. Velvets are a pile fabric and are susceptible to crushing, shading, and scarring, which will naturally occur over time. Shading is part of velvet’s unique and valued aesthetic.



Timber Veneers

Veneers are a thin surface finish and so are vulnerable to getting scratched and damaged if knocked or scraped. Always use a soft, clean, dry cloth when wiping surfaces. If scratches do occur, we recommend a reputable French polisher to help eliminate the marks. Do not place uneven or rough based objects on timber veneer surfaces.




Metals are susceptible to scratching and so avoid contact with sharp objects. If a metal polish is used, be sure to avoid contact with the adjoining timber where applicable. Protect your Collection piece from water. Should it become wet, wipe it immediately with a soft and colourfast cloth. The materials have not undergone any water-repellent treatment.



Furniture Care Tips


  • Use table pads with trivets and/or placemats when utensils or dishes are extremely hot.
  • Use placemats or other protective items when eating or working on furniture surfaces.
  • Use protective pads under objects placed on timber.
  • Lift objects carefully; do not drag them over the furniture’s surface.
  • Regulate humidity levels in your home.
  • Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your furniture as this may damage the finish.
  • Do not drop the furniture.
  • Do not write on thin paper over the surface of the furniture without protective pad or another protective buffer.
  • Do not use polish remover, hair spray, or perfume near the furniture as this may damage the finish.
  • Do not use cleaning products containing silicone on the furniture.
  • Do not expose the furniture to strong sunlight.
  • Do not expose the furniture to extreme heat, cold, or humidity, which may cause timber to swell or warp.
  • Do not leave the furniture wet with water standing on the furniture.
  • Do not expose furniture to moisture or humid environments



For any further information or consultation please contact FREE-MAN Store PTY LTD.